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Proud of our history and are committed to the future

About us

ADAMAS Corp. is a global diversified company with a network of production and commercial branches worldwide.

Our company is engaged in the production of goods and materials, construction of buildings and constructions, agriculture, sale of consumer goods and the provision of logistics and financial services.

A large fleet of construction equipment is a modern tool for building works. The agrarian economy is our key focus. We grow wheat and corn, as well as provide services for the cultivation and harvesting. Great experience in international cooperation enables us to provide financial services to both legal entities and individuals.

Our credo

Time – the most expensive resource! Spend time on the most productive areas.

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Message from owners

“Our company’s success is the result of joint work with our clients. The success of our customers – our success!”
President of Adamas Corp.

Our partners

It is impossible to imagine a future without the predicted close relationships with reliable partners.
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Our history

History ADAMAS Corp. has more than 35 years of productive work.

Back in 1981, Fritz Blackundwhite became the founder of a small German company, which was engaged in the construction of industrial buildings.

Built ships
Ready facilities
Sq. km roads
Built houses

Adamas Corp. – a group of companies with years of experience in several directions. We are constantly evolving and becoming more aware. The desire to become better constantly yield results.

Our experience


Our projects


We guarantee fast execution of the task. Always invest in a specified time and receive desired results in expected terms. You will appreciate the accuracy of specified conditions. We will do everything thoroughly.

Meet our experts

Sales Department
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Service Department
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HR Department
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Finance Department
[st_team_member_block_module team_member_layout=”simple-info” team_member_name_font_style=”font-weight:bold;” team_member_name=”Helga Dieterschulz” team_member_occupation=”Human resources” team_member_photo=”15137″ skype=”” team_member_phone=”+1 234 567 8901″ team_member_email=”helga@adamas.com” team_member_skype=”helga-store-NY” team_member_link=”url:%23|||”][/st_team_member_block_module]
Department of supply
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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

The most important objective of our company is to obtain profitability in the long term. Guided by its mission and values we seek to achieve profits without prejudice to society and the environment.

Kompanija je osnovana 1992. godine, a vlasnik i osnivač je master ekonomista Branko Kilibarda, kao Kilibarda Company Novi Sad.