Helga Dieterschulz


Financial management is a complex and fascinating challenge. Among ADAMAS Corp. I truly realized as a specialist.


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  • Financial management
  • Planning projects
  • Calculation of investments
  • Tax reporting


Financial management
Planning projects
Calculation of investments
Tax reporting
For employees
I’m glad to be working in such a wonderful company. This is the best place for my self.

In my profession there are no easy points, but the work of the financier is very interesting. For you it is just a number, and the formula, and financial flows for me. It presents enormous opportunities!

Today, the state employees group company Adamas has about 2730 professionals at various levels. The number of branches increased to 27 units worldwide. Park of industrial and construction machinery counts more than 845 units. This year was very important for us. We have opened a new trend – the logistics and financial services. Thanks to new managers and professionals, we quickly came to the proper level of functioning.

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    Kompanija je osnovana 1992. godine, a vlasnik i osnivač je master ekonomista Branko Kilibarda, kao Kilibarda Company Novi Sad.